Lashes & Waxing

Ocean Brows & Aesthetics specialize in eyebrows!

Let your brow expert show you the proper shape and style your eyebrows could be according to your facial structure. It is common to lose hairs as we age or fall victim to the over-plucking phase. In these cases, microblading is the best option! Talk to your aesthetician and brow expert about what brow treatment would be best for you!


Lash Lift & Tint $95
This treatment lifts and curls the lash to enhance its natural length and volume, while tinting a jet black to help the lashes appear fuller and more prominent. For an extra step of care, we add lash conditioning to this treatment to enhance the health of the lash hairs.

Lash Tint $20
This treatment uses an all-natural vegetable dye to tint the lashes jet black. Darker lashes give an appearance of more volume and make the eyes pop! Great for those with blonde or light brown eyelashes to enhance the appearance of lash hairs.

Brow Tint $20
This treatment enhances the brows by helping them appear more full, bold, and beautiful. Using an all-natural vegetable dye to enhance the color of brow hairs safely and gently.

Brow Shaping & Tint $35
Enjoy a discount on the combination of shaping and tinting for the best results!

Brow Shaping $23
Utilizing a gentle wax for sensitive skin, your Brow Expert will shape and style your brows to perfection!

Ocean Brows & Aesthetics only utilizes the best wax in the esthetic industry.

Cirepil Wax by Perron Rigot is professionals #1 choice worldwide. It is a specialty hard wax that sticks to the hair, not skin, creating a painless removal process for clients. It is designed for sensitive skin types and effectively removes all hair, leaving smooth results! 

*Proper care of the skin post waxing is always recommended to maintain the best results. Talk to your aesthetician and waxing specialist about post care.

Brow Shaping $23

Lip Wax $7

Chin Wax $10

Ear Lobe Wax $12

Nose Wax $10

Underarms $18

Bikini Line $35

Brazilian $60

Our vision is to give clients exceptional service with equally exquisite results.